Brian SumanComment

Journal Entry 5

Brian SumanComment

So, what is next? I did buy more ‘things’ for food photography. Nothin expensive but am I going down the same rabbit hole again? A bunch of prep and money spent to not really use any of it. What will be my next obstacle I will have to overcome? Most likely that will be lighting and composition of the set.

I will count myself and question if I am good enough. I won’t nail the lighting and the props won’t convey the story I want to tell. Oh well, such is life. Always trying to be something. Tying to be better than I am.

My inner artist wants to play all the time. Wants to create. Wants to dream. Wants to have hope. Wants to have faith in it all. I really do enjoy the process if I step back and look at what I have done as a creator. The end goal is nice but it is what led up to it that makes it special.

Andrea and I are going to be able to really connect with food photography. It will be something that she will enjoy and I will let her be apart of all she wants. She is so fun and is a kid at heart. A kid that wants to play and create. She does help inspire me and often has more ideas and wants to think on a creative topic more than me at times.

I wonder where I am heading. Am I following the course laid before me or am I making my path my own. Are my travels God-made or me-made?