Why A Photo Journal Is Important by Brian Suman

Lately, I have been stating in other blogs and posts to “capture what grabs your attention”. To be spontaneous with the camera and not think too much on it before you talk yourself out of the shot not knowing that the concept, ‘first thought; best thought’, had been around for years. The concept is based on our first thought is usually the boldest and is not immediately influenced by the analytical part of the brain. In short, your natural state of mind is usually clear and the first thing you see can ‘grab your attention’.

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Hyper-connectivity Hurts! by Brian Suman

Does social media or the internet help or hurt us when we try to find our artistic voice?

I think we could all sit on the fence with our answer or maybe you weigh heavily to one side or the other. Even though the hyper-connectivity to so much information and influence can be useful, I believe it confuses us artistically at the core.

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What Have I Learned? by Brian Suman

I make the attempt each day to try and digest information about my craft that can help me be a better photographer; a better version of myself. Each one of those attempts doesn’t necessarily result in an ah-ha moment but the effort to find those nuggets of gold are rewarding and inspiring. This past week, I studied a little deeper in a couple areas to take my black and white photography to another level.

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Photo Visualization by Brian Suman

Isn’t it such a great feeling when we get this vision for a shot and from ‘sensor to sharing’ we nail it? Or, at least we get pretty close to what we had in our head. My journey thus far in black and white photography is helping me to bring the technical and vision elements closer together. I am not advocating that black and white photography is the ‘magic bean’ for everyone but it has inspired me to do more studying which has helped me to better understand…

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Capture What Grabs Your Attention by Brian Suman

Lately, on social media some of the pictures that grab my attention often are less technically sound. They are not gallery candidates and would probably not win an award and that is not their intention. These are photos of the photographer sharing their life. What’s around them and scenes that made them pick up the camera and shoot.

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Don’t Forgot How To Take Photos by Brian Suman

Now, I didn’t really forget how to take a photo but merely making the point that I believe we can get so caught up in taking the ‘perfect’ photo for our portfolio that it begins to dampen or completely stop us from doing what we enjoy. Taking photos. We stop getting our camera out of the bag because what we capture has to be good enough to share on our social sites. However, I personally enjoy following other professionals that share more about who they are and what they like on their social sites. They share photos they enjoy taking that is outside of their genre of expertise.

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What Is Acutance And Why Should You Know About It? by Brian Suman

I know that how we view sharpness or how we apply it in our editing is very subjective. There are photographers that will sharpen to the fullest extremes and then there are those that prefer a soft look. So, where do you fall on the spectrum? In the past, I would tend to lean towards sharpening the image as much as I could especially so that it will look great on social media and my website however I have had a turn of events.

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Why Black and White Fine-art Photography? by Brian Suman

If you had asked me up through the end of last year if I could see myself moving in the direction of fine-art photography I would have said no however, I am excited to be at a the place I am today. Turning towards black and white fine-art photography has done more for me than just choosing a genre that I like and desaturating the shot.

Great black and white photography engages you with the good contrast, tonal values, and light.

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