You Are Wildly Capable
Imagine. Capture. Create.

The definition of wild is “uncontrolled or unrestrained, especially in pursuit of pleasure”.

So, do you consider yourself ‘wildly capable’ when it comes to your craft and creativity? I know, I would have to be transparent and say that ‘wild’ doesn’t come to mind when I think of my capabilities but since I saw this graphic this week it got me thinking.

I AM wildly capable. When I reflect on the times that I had an idea or pursued an opportunity, I would chase after it with uncontrolled and unrestrained pursuit. My idea was something I thought about constantly and my mind wouldn’t shut off until the opportunity was complete. My mind would set a wild pace and I ,without a doubt, felt capable.

We are all created with that inner passion and drive to be ‘wild’ in our pursuit of our dreams so we should protect against the outside forces that try and diminish that unrestrained spirit. Your ideas and dreams are so worth the fight to keep that fire burning inside.

The next time that inner voice tells you aren’t capable remember the times when you chased the dream and achieved success. That is proof. That happened. And that is who YOU are.


Inspiration for this post from Denise Vaughn.