Recently, I had a discussions with my creative director and girlfriend Andrea Tappero from Five Petal Design about paralysis (not able to move forward creatively or towards your goals). This is probably a topic that most of us face at some time or another and I had to pause and think when she asked me the question, “how do you deal with the feeling of not being able to move forward”?

After some thought, this is what came to mind on why we can’t move forward.

You don’t have a plan.

Start with your goal and break down the steps that are needed to get you there. If the initial plan tasks still seem overwhelming, break them again to another layer. Keep doing this until you create tasks that are easier to accomplish quickly yet effective.

Your plan is too complicated.

I know I love to have all kinds of detail in my plan because I am analytical and I love to break it down to the nth degree but this is dangerous because it can be the culprit to stalling your progress. Details are absolutely important but don’t let them get you stuck in the mud.

You focus too much on the destination.

This is not about not dreaming and thinking pie-in-the-sky with your ideas but make sure you slow down and enjoy the process. Send the email. Make the phone call. Pick up the camera and take the shot. Enjoy each step and the feeling of accomplishment as you crush the plan you put together.

Enjoy the process and don’t overthink on the destination.

Are you stuck? Do you have a plan?


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