3 Reasons We Might Not Collaborate

On yesterday's Imagine. Capture. Create. podcast, we discussed the topic of collaboration and 3 ways that prevent us from working with others and networking in our craft. I do believe we all have the notion to want to do it but what keeps up from taking that step. 

1. Comparison

It is natural for us to compare ourselves with others and with the ever-constant focus on social media we almost can't avoid it. So, how does this affect us in collaboration? It makes us not reach out to others or accept an invite to work together because we compare who we are as an artist to that person which leads to the second point. 

2. Confidence

How do we feel about ourselves and the art that we produce? Are we content on where we are and do we feel we are not as good as other artists? If we are not confident in who we are we will consistently pull back and not engage with networking and working with others.

3. Courage

Do we feel comfortable reaching to someone to generate an opportunity or to accept an invite. Not all of us are extroverts and may need some encouragement to get us to step outside our comfort zone. 

Collaboration is worth pushing ourselves into uncharted territories and our growth as an artist is worth the effort. 

So, I challenge you, if you have never worked with another artist and always have created alone be open to the idea and look for the opportunity. I guarantee you will find it rewarding and so inspiring. 

I would love to hear about how you collaborate so share a story in the comments below. Also, join us on the Imagine. Capture. Create. Facebook group and join our creative community.