Why I Am Making the Switch from Canon to Sony?

Making the Switch

From Canon to Sony

The Switch

It’s no surprise if you follow along with the tech reviews of cameras that Sony continues to build momentum to compete with Canon and Nikon for superior camera systems. Sony seems to have the edge on mirrorless systems but Canon and Nikon are releasing new models and trying to keep existing customers from making the switch however there is one that will make the move to Sony.

That’s me.

Now, let me preface with I will still shoot Canon glass for two reasons:

  1. I have a substantial investment in Canon glass.

  2. Canon glass still proves to be some of the best in the market.

There could be a day where I sell all my Canon glass and move over to Sony but one step at a time, right?

Now, back to the switch. I currently haven’t received my Sony a7 III as I pen these thoughts so I am super excited to get this body in my hands and off to some shoots. In another post soon, I will write about my initial reviews of the a7 III and what my first impressions are but I am sure my expectations will be met. So, why the switch? Why Sony? Below are just a few reasons for the change and please refer to the source article for more reasons why you should check out this camera.

1. Video

I have always had an interest in video through the years but in the last 6 months my interest and drive to add cinematography to my portfolio is at an all-time-high. My 5D MKIII does a decent job but the 4K and 120fps @ 1080p sets the bar that Canon has not been able to meet yet.

2. In-body Image Stabilization

This really is a plus on the video side for handheld footage but I am curious to see how it will make a difference in taking photos as well.

3. Same System With Whom I Collaborate With

This is by no means a show stopper but those that I am currently collaborating with use Sony systems and when you have multiple people shooting on the same video project there is the advantage that your footage has the same color profile going into post production.

I do understand that my driving motivation to move to a Sony system is based on video and less for photography but I have no doubt this system will perform as well as my 5D MKIII on photos making it a lightweight, hybrid camera that I am sure will out perform many other options available.

In closing, I want to make sure that I express how pleased I have been with my Canon. It has performed without fail over the last few years and lived up to its reputation as a professional level DSLR. Even though Canon just released their latest full-frame mirrorless to the market, I feel they are still behind on making it an all-in-one camera for both photo and videographers so it is time I say good-bye and move onward.

If you have made the switch to using Sony I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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