Why Macro Photography?

Macro photography has quickly become my favorite form of photography.


  1. You don’t have to travel far. Photography can happen anywhere and at anytime of the day. It opens so many doors to capturing the world around us and it gives us a perspective that we don’t always see.

  2. More creativity. Often certain genres or types of photography dictates depth of field that we would choose to use but with macro, you are free to go from the dreamy shallow depths to the most detail possible using the largest aperture setting. Also, seeing the world close up as macro gives us, you can get more creative with what you want the world to see.

  3. You create your own personal art. With macro photography, you are able to really show the viewer your perspective on something and highlight the detail that draws your attention. This makes your photography very personal and can set you apart.

If you ever have the chance to try macro photography, I highly suggest you do. If you don’t have a lens, rent one, and do something you have never done before.

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