Why I Am Quitting

Quit the things you know you are not good at.

No, it’s not about quitting photography or creating altogether but ‘why I am quitting ignoring my limitations’. I have to fully accept who I am as a creator and where I am at with experience and knowledge of my craft. If I don’t do that then I can expect some unmet expectations and possibly the feeling of defeat prematurely.

By definition, a limitation is a limiting circumstance(s). The point at which we have reached all that we can do or tapped the breadth of our experience.

So, if I am no longer going to ignore them what does it mean to me and how can this be helpful to you?

1. When we try to work or create something outside of our limitations we can often become frustrated and we quickly begin to doubt our ability. Others are doing it successfully so how come I can’t? It is not necessarily that we can’t, we just might be trying to work outside of our limitations at our current state. It’s healthy to push ourselves to stretch outside our boundaries creatively but beware trying to work completely on the outside.

2. Limitations are not a bad thing however, I believe we don’t associate a positive feeling when we hear the word. Maybe we identify it as a weakness but we all have areas that we are not as good at as others. For me, I try to look at these as opportunities for improvement (OFI) and the sooner I can stop denying my limitations, true growth for me happens.

3. We can be great right where we are at our limit. Keep practicing and honing what experience we do have and soon the bar of limitation will raise. There are many successful creators where their product was simple, less-technical but they knew what they were good at and probably understood their limits.

So, we can all quit ignoring our limitations and begin to accept them, turn them into opportunities, and work to be the best at our current state of limits.

Be great. Create.

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