Why Did You Start Creating?

Creating for ourselves first is the key to for creative prosperity.

Why do we care about followers & likes on our social media platforms? Do we really need it to validate who we are as an artist? Maybe it will mean fame of some sort if we have thousands flocking around what we post. Yes, our next client could be in there in the crowd, a new contact that we could meet for collaboration, or a new friend. Those are all positives for sure and I don't want to discount those opportunities. 

I will be transparent and say that I find myself looking at the numbers often, wondering if I will see an increase on my next post. Will my work resonate with the masses and give me that validation that I am honing in on my skill and driving towards success. But, we all need to look inward and understand what does success mean to us deep down. Why do we create?

So, what is the definition of success?

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

The attainment of popularity or profit.

A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.

The definitions of success are no surprise and they alone have some sort of validation of why we find ourselves seeking more followers and likes but when I feel myself becoming discourage as to why my stats aren't growing and the feeling comes on that my work is not good enough I ask myself a question.

Why did you start creating? 

I started for me. No one else. I was following my God-given drive to create and my soul was being fed on the process and the feeling that I could say "I did that". There was no outside audience or desire to have one in the beginning. I was just having fun and doing what I loved to do. 

As our creative journey progresses, we will share our work and engage in our social communities achieving followers and likes but when we feel that we are focused too much on what others think of our creations ask yourself.

Why did you start? Are you still holding steadfast to who you are as an artist and what you want to create? Not creating for the followers and likes.

Keep chasing what you desire to create and remember there is only one follower that matters most. 

That's YOU.


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