What's New?

Do something yo have never done before?

If you have been following my blogs for any amount of time you might pick up on that I am usually always evolving and moving in new directions. This can be a negative but I am always trying to move where the heart leads and what I feel passionate about. Isn’t that what we all what to be moved by, right?

Embrace change because it is inevitable.

So, what’s new for me on my creative journey lately?

  1. Switch from Canon to Sony. This has been a great change for me and I haven’t regretted the decision. I have also been able to sell most of my Canon lenses and trade up to a couple new Sony lenses.

  2. Writing a book. Being able to pull out all of the great content from our Imagine. Capture. Create. podcast and put it into writing is not only pretty cool but exciting to know that we can share our conversations in another way hopefully encouraging other artists. If you haven’t checked out our podcast click here.

  3. Food photography. Who doesn’t like food but I have to be honest that I have always liked product photography especially food items. Just didn’t think I would take such an interest in photographing edible items. Anyway, stay tuned as I embark on this journey where I plan to start a new series called Breakfast.

  4. Downsizing. Yep, do more with less as they say. I have bought so much gear over the last few years and most of it ends up on the shelf after its few uses so I have decided to sell what I don’t need and keep my gear bag light. It also has helped that I have begun to really define my direction in photography which then helps define what exact gear is needed.

  5. YouTube video series. I have been talking about doing video for so long and I do dabble in it however I think I have finally landed on what content I want to use for video. Behind the scenes of my photo shoots especially studio work. Nothing elaborate planned on the videos, just simply explaining my vision and how I got the shot.

  6. Behind the scenes. More BTS posts to include photos and short videos on all social media platforms. I couldn’t do it all without the help and support of my creative director and girlfriend Andrea Tappero from Five Petal Design.

I hope this year has already opened new doors for you and you are trying new ways to create and be the unique artist that you were created to be. Keeping taking a step forward and following your heart.