What Is Imagine. Capture. Create.?

What Is Imagine. Capture. Create.?
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If you have been following me on social media, you probably have heard, seen, or read the words imagine, capture, create in what I do. You might even have seen a t-shirt or a coffee mug but regardless, these three words have been an inspiration to me for years so I thought I would briefly explain how it all came about.

When I began in photography, doing composite work quickly became something very regular for me and it pushed me into learning Photoshop and honing my editing skills very early on. A composite not only requires the ability to do that type of editing it also can require more imagination on your part because the end result that you create is usually not realistic.

The more I kept doing this type of creating the more the three words kept coming to mind. It was the process I went through to develop that final image. I imagined the final shot, I captured all the assets needed for the composite, and I created the vision I had in mind. Simple but the steps of creating, right?

Isn’t it what we do no matter what our art form is or even if we are not an artist? An entrepreneur follows these steps to bring their new business to life. Homeowners do it to create the remodeled kitchen. Engineers follow these steps to launch a new product.

These three words became the motto behind my creations and the inspiration to keep bringing my imagination to life. My goal now is that it will bring encouragement and inspiration to you so that you may continue to chase after your dreams and create what you imagine.

What is your motto?