What Have I Learned In Photography This Week?

Don’t let the one shot stop you from many.


In this last week, I may have not learned anything new on the technical side of things but I have been having so much fun just taking photos. Since I committed to using my iPhone more, it has literally opened up my eyes to seeing so much more around me. I hadn’t realized that dismissing the use of my phone to capture what grabs my attention had literally put blinders on my eyes.

I quit seeing shots to take and focusing so much on using my professional gear and waiting till I could plan the next photoshoot stifled my imagination and creativity.

Now, I just go at each day excited to see what shots are next and just have fun with it.

Try photo journaling and using your phone more or just try a whole different approach to taking pictures. You might just stumble onto something.

More random thoughts to come.


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