What Have I Learned?
The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.
— Brian Herbert

What is a day without learning?

I make the attempt each day to try and digest information about my craft that can help me be a better photographer; a better version of myself. Each one of those attempts doesn’t necessarily result in an ah-ha moment but the effort to find those nuggets of gold are rewarding and inspiring. This past week, I studied a little deeper in a couple areas to take my black and white photography to another level.

Click on image to buy on Amazon

Click on image to buy on Amazon


Have you ever studied the histogram to really understand what all it is capable of? Click on the link below to get your studies started.


Spot Metering

I use evaluative metering but pairing spot metering with the use of the zone system will result in the best exposure for your subject.


Partial and spot metering give the photographer far more control over the exposure than any of the other settings, but this also means that these are more difficult to use — at least initially. They are useful when there is a relatively small object within your scene which you either need to be perfectly exposed, or know will provide the closest match to middle gray.
— Cambridge in Colour

Zone System

Can the zone system go digital?

The article linked above will walk you through how you can use the zone system, even today, to better visualize your shot.


I hope that you are encouraged each day to study more and dig deep to be the best you can be. Never stop learning and trying to understand all you can within your craft.

Be a student all your life.


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