What Have I Learned?

If you can’t get outside and shoot, explore photos you have already taken.

This last week in editing has been exciting and rewarding. Since I haven’t had the chance to get out and capture new content lately, I have been exploring photos that I have taken over the last year and working on my black and white editing workflow. Since my selections have been so random it is helping to teach me…

  1. The importance of composition.

  2. The use of contrast in an image especially low-key and high contrast.

  3. Using the histogram. Learning to use the histogram and maximize the use of tonal zones 2-8 are key in your black and white workflow.

  4. Focusing on tonal ranges and working the gray tones which are the ones that make a great black and white.

This process has taught me patience.

More this past week, I have enjoyed the ‘technical’ side of editing and digging into as much research as I can consume. I want my black and white photography to be the best it can be in the years to come and it won’t come without being a student for a long time. Out of all the genres that I have explored, this one is the best fit for me and it has brought back so much life to my creativity and energy into my photography. For that, I am committed to being patient, taking the time needed, and ‘sticking’ to the plan.

A photography is usually looked at - seldom looked into.
— Ansel Adams


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