Weather the Storm

Feeling alone comes with being a creator.


Yesterday, a friend of mine posted on social media about wrestling with the feeling of being alone. As I responded, I couldn’t help to think about what he maybe going but it also made think that as creators we can battle with the same feeling and many things can take us to that place. A few things are…

  1. The feeling that no one understands what you are creating.

  2. Your desires and what you want to create don’t match up with what is popular or financially rewarding in your field.

  3. No one, or very few, are liking, commenting, or sharing your work.

  4. You can’t find your niche.

I have been there myself and I feel like I ebb and flow in and out of those emotions a lot however, there are a couple things that keep me in check and help me navigate through the storm.

  1. Prayer. This is a must for me each and everyday. Just asking God to help me through these times helps to keep me calm

  2. ‘Stick’ to the plan. Stick is my word of the year and when I feel lost or alone in what I am doing I remind myself that if I genuinely feel driven in a direction as a creator I need to persevere through the rough waters and not waiver.

  3. Partner with an encourager. This is SO key. Whether it be your spouse, significant other, or friend talk it out with that person. Be transparent, be real.

  4. Share your feelings. This is an extension of #3 but try and not hold in your thoughts of how you are feeling. Bring darkness to light and don’t hold onto what is holding you back. It is okay to feel this way. We are human.

  5. Create and get lost in what you do. We find joy and peace in creating art and that is therapy.

Hopefully, this post is received as an encouragement and not leave you with a negative feeling however, we will face challenges as a creator that will try to knock us out of our game. Stick to who you are and be the awesome creator you were created to be.

You got this!


The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.
— Exodus 14:!4