One Takeaway From Shooting Video That Can Make You A Better Photographer

One Takeaway From Shooting Video That Can Make You A Better Photographer

How can video help you as a photographer?

Video is just taking photos, right? 24fps (frames-per-second), 60fps, 120fps. It’s a lot of photos and you approach it in very similar if not the same way as you do photography. Exposure, shutter speed, aperture, etc. So, my continued interest and drive to incorporate more video into my brand has already taught me one thing to pay more attention to when shooting photos.

The Details

It’s the collar on a shirt that is not laying flat, the empty soda can on the desk, the clutter in the background. These are just a couple of many details and distractions that when we frame our shot we should check before we hit the shutter button. Now, you can mask and do some editing in video to try and fix the issues but it is not as easy or quick to do so being the best straight-out-of-camera is key. A conscious effort to quickly evaluate the scene is crucial.

If you don’t shoot video, you don’t need to start to evaluate your shot beforehand. Everything else with the camera should be muscle memory allowing us to focus on engaging with the client and making sure the scene is free of distractions and the smallest of details are covered.

Next time you frame up your shot, take the extra time to focus on the details and don’t let yourself assume that your quick glance has it covered.

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