The Importance of Behind the Scenes
You have to work very hard behind the scenes, to make a message clear enough for a lot of people to understand.
— Stefano Gabbana
  1. Show the creative process. From Hollywood movies to the making of products, we all love to see how things are done or made. You have a story and a process on how you do things, so share it often.

  2. Document your experience. Even if you don’t share it with others, the fact that you have something to look back on will be rewarding and very beneficial in seeing your own growth.

  3. Build anticipation for the final result. We all like movie trailers and behind the scenes of your upcoming project is a great way to build up the excitement to what is to come.

  4. Share your knowledge. Even if your behind the scenes doesn’t tell the story of the ‘what’ and ‘why’ you are doing something, there is always something someone can pick up just seeing the photo or video. Posing, lighting placement, type of gear used, etc.

Blog co-authored with Logan Powell Media.