What's Your Creative Space Look Like?

What's Your Creative Space Look Like?

Your creative space has more impact on how you create than you may give it credit.

So, what is your creative space look like? Is it organized or do you like to work in organized chaos? Do you need specific items to be at your disposal when creating? Like coffee (okay, that’s my specific requirement).

Lately, I have been having discussions on the topic of creative workspace and I have to be honest that I have never thought about how important it is to us as creators. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to have my office in order when I sit down to edit and I do like how I feel when I step into my studio but it has been more of a subconscious thought.

Could the creative space we work in be as important as the gear we use and/or the software choices to do our work. Only you can answer that for yourself but for me I believe it is. Clothes make us feel a certain way when they are just the right fit. A car makes you feel cool when you drive the new one off the lot and our space should be no different.

It should fit.

It should makes us feel good.

It should make us want to create.


Click on the link to listen to The DAILYB Podcast on the topic.

Be great. Create.