What's Your Rhythm?

Do you march to the beat of your own drum?

In today’s hyper-connected world, we are bombarded by people that post frequently and we are told by those that are trying to counsel brands and up and coming creators that the key to finding and maintaining and audience is to do the same.

But is it?

Aren’t we supposed to be who we are as an artist which could mean we march to a different drum? We share at our pace.

To be honest, I do believe in the advice given and if you are trying to brand yourself or get noticed getting your content out there in front of others on a consistent basis is important but I also believe that we should initially start at our own personal pace. Then we establish the discipline of our pace and then build upon that.

If we start at someone else’s pace or we go too much against our own beat, it will lead to frustration and knock us off our game of creating.

If you are frustrated because you feel like you can’t keep up to what others are doing, step back and accept your rhythm.

Embrace it.

Move to it.

Enjoy it.


I have learned to accept the cycle of ebb and flow in my creativity and how often I share content.

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