Sunset Bug

In our quest to find ourselves creatively, we need to often push against our own boundaries and capture what we have never done before.

Sunset Bug

A co-worker had recently seen a shot I took of a miniature truck and brought in a convertible VW Bug they had for me to use in a photo if I was interested. Of course, so I began to imagine how I would use the little car in a shoot. One of this first thoughts I had was since it was yellow and a convertible was a 'beach feel' however a sunset wasn't my first thought. 

My set up included a using a card table covered by a sheet in which I put the sand on. My initial thought was to create a more vibrant shot possibly gelling the background with a bright complimentary color that would have that colorful summer, beach feel but as I was working with the background lighting I intentionally backed the main light on the car off just to allow me to better focus on the background. 

Immediately I saw something different. A moody scene and a sunset. 

This turned me to gelling the background with an orange gel and adding a yellow gel to the main light. I then moved the main light around to front light the car and create the silhouette look and additional dimension in the image.   

From there, I just kept tweaking the lighting until I achieved the final look.

The final image is not one of my favorites all-in-all but it represents something far more important to me. The creative process and the learning experience. I won't grow as a creative unless I try things and stretch the imagination even if I don't achieve that exact thing I have pictured in my head. 

So I challenge you as an artist to not listen to the inner voice that may tell you to not try something.totally different from your norm. It will be so rewarding and it may open new doors of opportunity for you in your craft. 

Post processing included Photoshop to add a cloud layer for additional background texture and NIK Collection Analog EFEX Pro for color toning.  

Gear Used:


Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II Lens

Paul C. Buff Lighting

What were the settings?

1/200, f5.6, ISO100

If you have any comments or questions please post below and I would also enjoy seeing what you are creating so link your stuff. 

Go create stuff!