3 Things To Consider When Starting A Podcast

3 Things To Consider

When Starting A Podcast

So, if you are interested in starting a podcast what are some things to consider?

Even though there are a list of questions we need to ask ourselves prior to starting a podcast, I will cover three key areas to consider in this post. In addition, you can download a comprehensive questionnaire of what to also consider in the link below.


Even though you can use a built-in microphone from your laptop or even record your podcast via your smartphone (Anchor supports this feature), audio quality is so important. One of the easiest ways to lose a listener is due to poor audio so I rank this one high for importance.

So, what’s a good choice? I chose to use a USB mic such as the Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball. Both offer excellent quality, are very portable, and require no mixer. There are many other choices out there including Rode USB mics and XLR options but XLR mics require a mixer which is not always the best choice for someone starting out. The key here is to get the best quality at a reasonable price and Blue hits a home run with mics.

Recording/Editing Software

Being a Mac/Apple user, I am probably a little bias with editing software because I think that GarageBand does a great job and is very catered to the podcast user. It is very easy to use and with a podcast you do not need most of its features and your time spent in post production is at a minimum. Here is a link to GarageBand for Windows.

Other options are Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, and Audacity

Publishing Platform

You need a way to get your podcast out there so choose to use Anchor. I did and I have not regretted the choice. It is very user friendly and it also pushes your content to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and many other platforms automatically when you publish your content.

Anchor also offers you the ability to podcast directly from your phone if you need to be on the go and they recently released a new update that includes Cover Art Creator so you can create incredible cover art for your podcast.

Other options to consider are covered here.

Even though there are many things to consider, getting off the ground and getting your voice out there is fairly straightforward and easy. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this forum to share more about who I am as an artist as well as provide other artists the ability to tell their story.

Determine the subject of your podcast, do a little research, and take advantage of what I believe is still a growing option for artist…

Audio to reach and teach others.