Social Media

Fast from what starves your creativity.

Is social media changing who you are as an artist?

I dig social media and all that technology can bring to our smartphone screens and I ‘Google it’ all the time. I honestly don’t think I would be as advanced in what I am doing as a photographer/creator if it wasn’t for all the knowledge and influence out there.

What we digest should always help make us a better version of ourselves and not suppress our creative drive.

But, if it…

Robs your joy.

Makes you question your value.

Makes you doubt yourself.

Creates the feeling that you are not good enough.

Then, maybe it is time for a new habit.

This week, try a new habit by not looking at Instagram or your other social accounts for a week or at least a day and see if you feel a difference.

There are reasons we should connect with others and live in community but there are also reasons for being in peace outside the noise. That’s where we find our joy and are reminded of our worth.

Be great. Create.