Reasons Why You Should Podcast

Never stop trying something new.

  1. As artists, we can express ourselves visually but our voice can tell more of our story. Use audio to grow your artistic expression.

  2. Collaboration is something promotes working and learning from others. Co-host a podcast so you can bring different angles to your topics and help encourage each other. You will be surprised how much you will learn from one another.

  3. Fills the gaps when other creative outlets run dry. Balance is a good thing and the more ways we have to create, the more creative we will become.

  4. It is just plain fun to do it. Get out the mics and record a conversation that you probably would have had anyway. So, why not record what you are passionate to talk about.

  5. Helps build your communication skills. Don’t want to be a public speaker? No problem, but we can all probably benefit from learning how to better communicate our vision or drive behind our ideas.

  6. Builds confidence and helps to break through the wall of feeling vulnerable.