Why Use Pinterest for Collaboration?

Why use Pinterest?

Client collaboration tool.

I have to be honest, I didn’t acknowledge Pinterest as a social media platform that could benefit me other than being inspired by the images until one day I had a thought.

Why can’t I use it to help collaborate and engage better with my clients? Use it as a tool to visually sync and bridge the gap in the conversation that you have with them on an upcoming shoot. When we communicate, each of us get a vision in our head on what we are thinking for a pose/image etc. but it is often difficult to articulate it.

So, create a board on Pinterest that can be shared with your client. Ask them to pin the images that inspire them and best reveal what they have are thinking. It is so simple to do and it also engages the client more in the process of the session and I have found that most enjoy being more involved.

If you aren’t already using Pinterest as a tool to communicate with your clients I highly suggest it.

Create It.

Share It.

Pin It.

Check out the podcast below for more on this topic.