10 Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know
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Photoshop can be a daunting piece of software when you first try it out so one way to get more comfortable using it is to use keyboard shortcuts. This helps being able to make the software do certain basic functions so that you don’t have to hunt and peck in the menus or toolbars to find where to click.

Give these a try and once you get these nailed down I am certain you will look to put more shortcuts in your arsenal. Check out the link below for more options.

  1. Free Transform - Command + T (Control + T)

  2. Switch Foreground/Background Colors - X

  3. Default Foreground/Background colors - D

  4. New Layer via Copy - Command + J (Control + J)

  5. Decrease Brush Size - [

  6. Increase Brush Size - ]

  7. Move tool - V

  8. Brush Tool - B

  9. Crop Tool - C

  10. Spot Healing Brush tool - J

Click here for a complete list of keyboard shortcuts.

If there are other Lightroom or Photoshop tips you would like to see more on, please comment below.

Happy editing!

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