Photo Visualization
Disney Castle-0001-Brian Suman Photography.JPG

When technical skill converges with vision, we make our best art.

Isn’t it such a great feeling when we get this vision for a shot and from ‘sensor to sharing’ we nail it? Or, at least we get pretty close to what we had in our head. My journey thus far in black and white photography is helping me to bring the technical and vision elements closer together. I am not advocating that black and white photography is the ‘magic bean’ for everyone but it has inspired me to do more studying which has helped me to better understand…

  1. How film developing techniques were used to achieve what we do with software today.

  2. How to use the zone system to see your shot in black and white before you snap the picture.

  3. Using global and local contrast to enhance or separate elements within your photo.

  4. Luminance and luminosity.

The study of black and white photography is helping me visualize.

I encourage you to find that something that excites you to study deeper and practice more. Make you dig into the details and the technical side of what you do. As artists we want to create without boundaries and limitations but we first need to learn the tools to help us visualize our final art piece.


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