Why Buy the Einstein E640?

"If you can't stop thinking about it... buy it."

That is pretty much what it came down to. I have dreamed of owning this flash unit over the last couple of years but didn't believe my dream would become reality as soon as it did. I have always had my eye on the Paul C. Buff Einstein and as the quote stated, I couldn't stop thinking about it.  

But before I retired my Yongnuo flash units and spent the money, I did do a fair share of research and comparison. Sure, there is always an option that may 'appear' better or taut similar functionality to the Buff unit but I don't believe there is anything to compare to this sturdy unit. And to get this much action stopping power for the price hands down the Einstein is your choice.

So, why but the Einstein E640?



This light is super easy to use with the large display screen and the ease of advancing through the menu choices. The larger buttons add to the ease of use so you will never have to worry about trying to see when making changes manually in a dark studio environment or using them at night. 


Not only did research and testimonials speak of Buff quality, I can now say I agree with all that I have read or heard. These units are stout and will be very capable of handling the rigors of hauling gear to and from location. 


Alone, Buff has the reputation of having the best customer service in this industry. In addition many leading professionals such as Joel Grimes, Tim Tadder, and Joe Edelman speak highly of Buff product and it's dependability on the road. So far, I have taken them on location for various shoots and the performance has been outstanding and dependable.

So, if you have been thinking about moving to a different flash unit I highly recommend the E640. With power from 2.5 Ws to 640 Ws, its action stopping capabilities, and price, you won't find a better product. Paul C. Buff product is top of the line and they definitely know what a photographer needs and they knock it out of the park with the Einstein.

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