Never Stop Learning

What is a day without learning?

I know, that sounds all motivational and there are many things in our day that are very important but there is something we can learn each and everyday. Social media alone puts things in front us but what I really want to touch on is a little deeper than scrolling past a post and learning a quick tip or fact.

It’s taking your skill or hobby to the next level.

  1. Research with intent. Dig deeper into a post link. Find out what your influencers are reading or studying. Research, research, research until you find the book or the article that opens the door to your next learning experience. But, don’t stop there.

  2. Study with intent. Don’t just quickly read an article. Read it twice, three times. Whatever it takes to make sure you pull out all knowledge that is presented. In addition, find a book on the subject which will take you deeper into your studies. I find books to be a powerful tool to help me thoroughly understand a subject. (Books that have inspired me)

  3. Practice with intent. Go do over and over again until what you have studied sinks in. Certain subjects really stick with you and become muscle memory quickly. These are the subjects that align with you creativity and once you realize it you need to continue to pursue learning more about it. Practice may not make us perfect as the saying goes, but it will make you a better creator.

As young students, we couldn’t wait to get out of the classroom be it high school or college, but there is so much more for us to learn in life and about our passions. Life is a library that we should never stop visiting.

Happy studies!


It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God.
— Mary Daly