3 Things I Learned From Creator Matt Hoffman


Last night, we had the awesome opportunity to sit down and chat with Matt Hoffman, Brand Strategist for Deeper Roots Coffee

He shared with us about his journey leading up to his gig at Deeper Roots, which included being a drummer and graphic designer. Now that Matt is 'all in' in the coffee industry, his creative mind is on fire and he is finding his voice to create.

Ways to connect with Matt below.



3 Things I Learned

  1. Build your reputation or brand with what you do. Doing the things that you care about and being vocal about what you do is crucial to finding your voice and building your personal brand. If you follow this advice, your journey will be more natural and unique to you. Brand you and no one else.

  2. Use what gear you have. I know that we have all heard that before and we struggle with it sometimes but less gear does make us strive harder to become a better creator. Gear doesn't make a better story but buttery-smooth slow motion is super cool!

  3. Finding your voice starts with standing up for what you believe in and be vocal about it. Be yourself and stick with it because the driver for the best story is you. "Don't copy the success, copy the journey". If we just replicate someone else we will be like someone else instead of being the unique and awesome YOU!

Imagine. Capture. Create. 

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