Little Red Coffee Cup
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In our quest to find ourselves creatively, we need to often push against our own boundaries and capture what we have never done before.

Little Red Coffee Cup

It has been a few months since I went to Nashville but while I was there I was able to have the opportunity to stop and have a cup of coffee at Just Love Coffee Roasters in Nashville. One of the gifts from the trip was one of their super cool red tin cups that I just placed on the shelf in my collection until the other evening I decided I wanted to take a photograph of the piece. 

I am limited on studio space and props but I still wanted to challenge my imagination to create a scene that would represent the cup sitting on a table in a kitchen, dining room, or inside a coffee shop. 

So the hunt began to find and use what I had which didn't consist of too many items but few and simple is often enough. See the behind the scene shot below. 

Behind the scenes red coffee cup

My set up for this photograph included an old bookshelf to represent the counter or shelf, an old percolator and tin cup, and a pot of artificial flowers which by luck happen to coordinate well with the subject cup. 

I did place a piece of glass under the cup to attempt to pull a reflection from the glass but when I landed on my final composition the angle killed that idea however I don't think the final images suffers without it. 

The lighting was one beauty dish as the main directly about the cup and another light with a 7.5" reflector and grid to light the background items. In addition, I placed a speed light with a green gel on the floor shooting up onto the gray backdrop to pull a little more green into the background to play on the complimentary tones. 

Post Processing: 

Photoshop for minor touch ups and Color EFEX Pro for final edits.   

Gear Used:


Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

Paul C. Buff Lighting

What were the settings?

1/200, f2.8, ISO100

I challenge you to always try new things and keep pushing yourself in areas that make you uncomfortable. Find new ways to bring your imagination to life with what you have and I guarantee you will not only be rewarded with joy but you'll take a big step in growing in your craft. 

If you have any comments or questions please post below and I would also enjoy seeing what you are creating so send me a link to your stuff.

Go create stuff!