What Are The 7 Crop Overlays In Lightroom?
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I didn’t know there were more than one crop overlay in Lightroom until I accidentally hit the ‘O’ on the keyboard one day when cropping an image. Since then, it has become a great tool for me and I use different overlays depending on the image.

If you haven’t used crop overlays besides the rule of thirds, I highly suggest learning what is available and trying them out on your images in the future. You never know, just using a different overlay could result in a new creative feel to your shot.

Basic Grid Pattern


Rule of Thirds


Golden Ratio


Golden Spiral


Rotate by pressing SHIFT+O. Each press rotates 90 degrees.

Golden Triangles


Rotate by pressing SHIFT+O. Each press rotates 90 degrees.



Aspect Ratios


I would love to hear if you use different overlays and if so, which one do you use the most in your editing workflow? Also, if you would like for me to cover additional tips for Lightroom let me know what you would like to know more about in a comment below.

Now, go crop something!


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