Keep Taking Steps

Keep moving forward

No matter what I have passionately pursued in life, I find myself looking for the secret to my success.

The next best tip or tutorial.

The next post of inspiration that will take me to another level.

The next meeting of someone that will help me get to where I want to go.

Something that will move me forward but along the way I hit a wall. I face something that challenges my faith and makes me question am I good enough.

Even though all the points above, and there are probably many more, do help and provide inspiration that is needed to help us reach success in our craft maybe the answer is not where we are looking most of the time.

The ‘magic bean’ that we are searching for might be quite simple.

Take another step

Don’t quit.

Press forward harder and dig deep to persevere.

Get up everyday and do something that will bring you closer to your goals.

Be patient.

Work hard.

Sure, along the way we will read the articles, watch YouTube videos, and shake hands and meet new people but our longevity to improve, grow, and flourish in our craft is not tied up in who and what we know currently.

It’s that we didn’t give up and we took another step.

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