3 Inspirations From Joshua Morrow
artspace- hamilton-ohio

If you ever get a chance to spend just a little time with Joshua Morrow you quickly learn how passionate he is as a creator.

His love of community and other artists’ success radiate from him and his sense of humor keeps you engaged as he shares his story.

Soon, Team ICC will begin working on a documentary of Joshua’s life and his involvement with Artspace in Hamilton, Ohio. This will be the first video in a series called Chapters.

Last night, we had a chance to sit down and chat with Joshua and the following three points are the things he mentioned and how it resonated with me.

  1. Follow Your Heart

    Life will kick us around and we will face challenges that try and damper our creativeness and leave us wondering if we are on the right path. If we can persevere and just follow our heart, it will lead us in the direction that we are to go and we will eventually be able to step back and see how everything linked together to bring you where you are today.

  2. Stay Humble

    As we create what is birthed out of our imagination, we want to share it. We want others to see where we are as an artist and to help to inspire those around us in any way that we can. We begin to put ourselves out there and at times it can feel self-glorifying. But through it all, we must remain humble and self-aware so that marketing ourselves doesn’t become the motive and we lose ourselves and the good we intend to do for others.

  3. Giving Life Back

    Even as an artist, I am not sure that I look at taking something that no longer has life and bringing it back from the dead. Joshua achieves this by taking scrap metal that has been discarded as no longer useful and performs his magic to make it into a stunning sculpture. He sees life when others don’t and through that his art becomes an extension of who he is.

I want to thank Joshua for giving back to me and leaving me with inspiration. Check out the full conversation in the featured podcast below and remember to follow your heart, stay humble, and look to bring something back to life.

Imagine. Capture. Create.