What A Wonderful Wedding Day
Garden Chapel-0002-.jpg

I never thought I would travel to Missouri for a wedding let alone be the photographer. Last month, I had the wonderful experience to not only capture moments at my cousin’s big day but to also be a guest to such a beautiful ceremony.

From the moment we arrived at Big Cedar Lodge, everything from the picturesque views to the feeling in the air said this was an experience you will never forget.

And it won’t be.

At times, it was hard to keep one eye on the camera and not get caught up in what was happening from the time we met for yoga the morning of the wedding till the dance between the bride and groom at the reception. Being their photographer was a joyous time and I am blessed because being behind the camera got me that much closer to the emotion being felt that day.

Something I wasn’t expecting to experience.

Something I wouldn’t have felt being a guest.

I am very thankful to April & Pablo Ibarra for sharing their wedding day with me and giving me the up close perspective that only few get to experience.

For that I am grateful and wish the two of them many happy years ahead.

Ibarra Wedding-0043-Brian Suman Photography.jpg
Ibarra Wedding-0052-Brian Suman Photography.jpg