Hyper-connectivity Hurts!
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Does social media or the internet help or hurt us when we try to find our artistic voice?

I think we could all sit on the fence with our answer or maybe you weigh heavily to one side or the other. Even though the hyper-connectivity to so much information and influence can be useful, I believe it confuses us artistically at the core.

We often chase after someone else’s dream or vision.

It’s great to emulate and learn from other artists but not at the sake of losing what we desire to create. It’s okay to want people to like our art but not to create what we think will be liked based on what is cliche’ or trending.

It is hard to not start out with a new hobby, like photography, and get all excited to take photos and look for inspiration from others but we all hit our wall at some point. The momentum begins to sputter not based on we lost our desire deep down to create… to take photos. We just run out of steam creating what we think others will like or we are trying too hard to create like someone else.

Fast often from the hyper-connectivity to feed your creativity.

Accept who you are. What you like. What you dislike. Shoot what captures your attention and learn from where your attention leads. This is where you will find your artistic voice.


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