How To Keep Your Dreams Alive
dreams alive.jpg

Dreams have entertained us since childhood. Our imagination has taken us to destinations afar and made us into super heroes or super entrepreneurs. Dreams were fun. Great to share with friends and something that made us smile from the inside out.

Dreams motivate and inspire us.

Unfortunately, as we grow older life throws circumstances and things at us and we can find ourselves not dreaming as much or giving up on our dreams all together. We might feel we are still not good enough. Too old. Life is too busy and I don’t have time to chase a ‘dream’.

If you find yourself at this place, try and find a friend, your spouse, or a significant other that can help encourage you and support you chasing your dreams. This is key. By ourselves, we run out of steam at times and we get discouraged.

Finding someone that can encourage you and be your sounding board to hear your ideas helps reignite your passion and drive.

I am blessed to have that someone in my life that tells me to keep moving forward. Don’t give up. Be you and keep chasing after what you dream of.

I encourage you to keep chasing your dreams and bringing your imagination to life. If you already have that someone feel blessed but if not, keep searching for that partner or friend that will help you channel that desire and excitement of dreaming as a little kid again.