How Can You Reach Success?

How we define our personal success is critical on if we will be able to actually achieve it.

There is a wide variety of answers to how each one of us would actually defines success but we all would probably agree that ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’ sums it up. But still, how do we interpret that?

Macro or micro?

Big goals or small goals?

Long term wins or short terms wins?


It is a combination of all those things but our uniques plans we set before ourselves set the tone and create the environment for how we react to the outcome or circumstances of our efforts. I often put lofty expectations on myself and have had my share of disappointment as a result but there are ways I have learned to overcome the feeling of failure and create many ‘wins’.

  1. Make something for someone else. Give your time and talent to make art for someone or help someone with a project that doesn’t have the talent and resources that you do. There is no greater blessing than serving so share your gifts.

  2. Be clear that your goal is what you desire. We can get caught up in what is trendy or that certain shot that everyone is posting but you need to be real with yourself and know what you like to shoot. What YOU like to create regardless of any outside influences. Create for you and reap the many rewards.

  3. Accept mistakes as stepping stones, not failures. We can’t grow if we don’t take steps and move forward in our creativity but with that, we will make mistakes. Accept them and know the key element is to learn from them. It will make you a better creator and before you know it you will begin to embrace the mistakes turning them into learning experiences and learning is success.

I encourage you to always create for you and keep bringing your imagination to life. For the real rewards and successes are in the steps of your process. How you reach success is up to, and unique, to you.