Have You Found Your Niche?

What is the definition of niche?

“Denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population .”

So, have you found yours? Do you we really need to find it to be a successful creator?

Sure, if we find something that others want, a product or service, and we can make money at it great but isn’t our niche more personal? It starts with us first, right? Maybe instead of concentrating what our niche is for someone else we concentrate on what it is for one person.


That means we continue to follow our heart and concentrate our efforts on what brings us joy. The things that makes us feel like a child again. The art that makes us smile from the inside out. Then, if it is meant to reach others and take root as a product or service it will be built on a solid foundation that is true to your core.

So, what robs us from truly expressing ourselves and finding it?

  1. Comparison. We try to avoid it but it shakes us up from time-to-time.

  2. Voices in your head. The voice that tells you that you are not good enough. What you create is not of value.

  3. Being misunderstood. This is with everything we do but as an artist this is the vulnerability thing that raises its ugly head.

  4. We don’t try new things. Sometimes when we focus on the main thing we think might be our niche we don’t explore new ways to create.

Now, what can counteract the negatives?

  1. Be unique you. Stick to where you heart is leading you. Create with joy and make art that appeals to you without the worry of any other viewer.

  2. Effortless expression. Things that take minimal effort, or feel like they come natural, might just be the gem we are looking for.

  3. Embrace with reckless abandonment. Keep creating even if you think it sucks. Keep sharing. Keep taking steps each and everyday.

Your niche is found in what you effortlessly love to create.