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If you would have asked Andrea or I a month ago if we could see ourselves doing food photography as a collaborative creative effort, we probably would have said no. However, what has started has not only felt very natural but our excitement has taken off sending us on a new adventure.

We are not sure exactly where it will take us and we are not setting an expectation that this becomes a genre that we pursue financial rewards from. Just having fun enjoying our love for food and our drive to create. So, why not marry the two together and from that Briandrea Studio was born.

Not only are we planning to take photos of food but we also want to incorporate cooking our own subjects, collaborating with local restaurants/bakeries, and offering recipes for specific foods as an added bonus.

My motto is ‘do something you have never before’ and this fits the mold.

If you are reading this and have food photography tips or experiences you would like to share please leave a comment and remember to always try new things creatively.

You never know what you might cook up.


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