Follow Your Heart
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In a recent podcast with Josh Morrow, we talked about following our heart in the creative process and what that sort of meant to us individually. Since we didn’t spend all our time during the broadcast discussing the topic, I thought I would write down a few thoughts that resonated with me.

Be You

The best chance we have as an artist in producing our best content is to follow our heart. This will bring out our one-of-a-kindness and allow us to harness what is written on our hearts.


Even if following your heart doesn’t match up to what everyone else is doing, still push forward. It could be a long time before we see how the dots connect but our heart will lead us where we need to go and the connecting will happen along the way.

Enjoy the Process

If possible, try not to focus as much on the end goal as you do the process. The process is where the joy is and where we learn and grow. It is where we get dirty, make mistakes, and thrive. It’s the heartbeat of our creative process.

We are so inundated today with so many things that the noise keeps us from hearing our heart. We often get side-tracked with following what is popular and we lose a part of our uniqueness along the way.

It is good to take in influence and be inspired by others but there is only one unique you so go out there and create content by the rhythm of your heart.

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