Finding Your Creative Identity

Do you ever still wonder what you will become when you grow up? What is your creative purpose; your identity? I get so encouraged watching from afar or being around an artist that seems to have found their identity. I know, my viewpoint on that person is subjective but we all know or follow someone who seems to be living the dream; found their identity in life.

If you are reading this and you have found what it is for you, I am excited for you and slightly jealous at the same time. At age 52, I still seem to be seeking the “magic bean” to help me find my identity and even though I am trying to figure it all out there are some things that are becoming clearer.

Never give up on finding your purpose.

So, what can you do to help bring clarity to your quest for identity?

  1. Accept what you are good at and focus on what comes natural to you. We are all wired with a passion and it drives us to what we can be great at. We often miss this because we dismiss our own talents because that don’t appear as glamorous as what others do or we don’t feel good enough. You are good enough. Your art is great!

  2. Conquer fear. Find ways, as simple as they may be, to embrace your fears. Maybe it’s a fear of failure. Maybe the fear they won’t understand you. Maybe a fear that what you do won’t be cool. Regardless of what it is for you, find ways to step into your fears, not away from them.

  3. Turn off social media and other people’s opinion. The internet has a great way of telling you that what you are good at or driven to isn’t the trend or the popular thing. Becoming complacent as a follower on social media and not being a doer creates comparison and that kills our joy. In addition, make sure if you seek the opinion of others you do it carefully. Opinions are often subjective and can deflate your progress depending on the feedback. Those that know you the closest can give you full honesty because they are around you enough and they see what you are drawn to and where your heart drives you.

Keep taking a step forward and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Embrace what you love to do and follow your heart.

That’s where you will flourish.

That’s where you will find your identity.