Facebook Group Creator Spotlight - Michelle Smith Peters


From her striking night shots of the Cincinnati skyline to her love for nature images we are glad to have Michelle Smith Peters as a member of ICC. Her desire and drive to collaborate is such an inspiration and her dedication to mastering long exposures has definitely paid off.

Make sure you check her out on Instagram if you are not following already and I look forward to more of her work as she continues to grow in her craft.


1. How were you inspired to take an interest in your craft?

My grandfather. He always was taking pictures and movies for as long as I can remember. I received my first toy camera from him when I was 2! Never stopped taking pictures after that. Then when I had children of my own - the addiction took off.

2. Which of your creative accomplishments gave you the most satisfaction, and why?

Night shots. It took me a while to get it right and now I just love taking long exposures at night.

3. Where do you feel most creative, and are there any environments which lowers your productivity?

I feel most creative around water, of any type, and getting good reflections. The cold however lowers my productivity.

4. Have you ever worked directly with clients and if so, how?

Only once. A friend starting a business wanted to use some of my photos for their website and presentation materials.

5. What's the last thing you learned that you felt was a game-changer?

That not only is there an image stabilizer on my lens, there is also a setting in my camera!!!!!! And my new camera has a bulb timer! That's exciting.

6. What one thing would you like to learn to bolster your creativity?

I want to learn how to take a pano with my camera and process in photoshop.

7. Who are your current influencers?

Fellow Instagramers!! Too many to name.

8. Where do you want to take your craft in the next year? How do you see yourself using your talents over the next 5 years?

I would love to get a website started to try to sell my prints. I love sharing my photos on social media. So many people tell me how much they enjoy seeing them.

9. How do you manage work/life balance and find time to work on your craft?

Now that my children are grown, I have time to dedicate to photography. I set aside a least one day a week to go out and shoot somewhere! I also have a job where I have a long summer break, and Easter break and Christmas break. This allows me plenty of time to dedicate to photography.

10. Do you find yourself wanting to include others in your desire to grow as an artist? How would you like to collaborate with others?

I love attending Instameets and meeting other local photographers. Instagram has introduced me to so many amazing photographers and we all learn from each other. I love meeting and shooting with them and do so often.

11. How do you define your personal success?

I define my personal success in improving my skills and bringing pleasure to others who enjoy seeing my work. Now, to earn a little $$ would only make it sweeter.