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Creator Spotlight

Mike Svach

Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky based photographer Mike Svach is definitely proving that his game-changer was lighting. From rich tones & textures to light, he is surely stepping up his game in portrait photography.

In the last year, I was lucky enough to stumble upon his work on IG and was drawn to his eye for landscapes and his editing style. If you haven't connected with Mike make sure you check out his work at the links below.

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About Mike

1. What led you to take an interest in your craft and what inspires you now

My father was a photographer. I always enjoyed shooting back in the film days but went many years without touching my camera. When my father passed I picked up his digital camera and have never stopped since.

2. What’s the last thing you learned that you felt was a game-changer?

Lighting. I knew how to play with the sun, but it is a lot of fun creating your own.

3. Are you creative in more than one area? What are those interests?

I am also a musician although I haven’t played much over the last few years. I played drums in a rock band and guitar in a few different groups over the years.

4. What are your reasons for sharing your work with others? What kind of impact do you hope to achieve through your creative efforts?

I try to create images that reflect a feeling or mood. Similar to how music will move you! I also enjoy collaborating with other artists. It is always a learning experience to share ideas and see what you can come up with!

5. When you begin to create, do you have a finished product in mind?

Yes, almost all the time.

6. Does your creative work come easily or do you struggle with your ideas? What obstacles do you face, if any?

Most of the time they come easy. I find inspirations by looking at other photographers work. I also enjoy the process of working a scene.

7. Where do you want to take your craft in the next year? How do you see yourself using your talents over the next 5 years?

I would like to get more into studio work. I enjoy creating images with more of a fine art quality. I hope to improve my editing skills. I have found that post production work is almost as important as shooting the actual image. The icing on the cake is seeing your image in print. I do all of my own printing in my studio. I also do reproduction work for other artists and image restorations. Being able to print has its own skill set. I love the feeling of completion when you start with an idea and you end up with a piece of art that ends up hanging in someone’s home or workplace. Hopefully my business will continue to grow as I continue to learn and improve my craft!


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