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Julie Houston

I am surprised Julie is not doing photography full time. Her style is captivating and her artistic editing brings every one of her images to life.

Once you visit her Instagram profile, you are quickly drawn to her work and love for long exposures and the city of Cincinnati. If she takes her portrait game to the next level a photography business will be no issue for Julie.

Follow Julie on Instagram and watch her bring her imagination to life.

IG Profile @julie.houston17

About Julie

1. How were you inspired to take an interest in your craft?

I’ve always been interested in taking pictures, but the main thing that inspired me was seeing my friend’s engagement photos a couple years ago, and decided that I would love to create photos just like that. It was then that I went out and got a new camera and started shooting.

2. Which of your creative accomplishments gave you the most satisfaction, and why?

I would say learning long expo/night shots bc (to me) those make the coolest photos.

3. Where do you feel most creative, and are there any environments which lowers your productivity?

(A) I feel most creative when I’m around other photographers while we’re out walking through the city. (B) The only environment I can think of is when I’m at work bc I’m not able to get out and shoot.

4. Have you ever worked directly with clients and if so, how?

I have done some work with clients that have asked me to take portraits of and/or for them.

5. What's the last thing you learned that you felt was a game-changer?

I recently took a lesson about OCF and I feel like this will really help step up my portrait game.

6. Who are your current influencers?

Other local photographers that I’ve met along the way while out shooting have been a huge influence to me, and also some friends of mine that have encouraged me to keep going bc they believe in me.

7. What one thing would you like to learn to bolster your creativity?

I would like to learn a lot more about post processing and to learn how to make it a business (either by myself or with someone).

8. Where do you want to take your craft in the next year? How do you see yourself using your talents over the next 5 years?

Would love to be able to be doing my craft as a full time job, but I know that takes a long time (so a year is more than likely out of the question), but hopefully in the next year I’ll still be on the right path to get there someday (B) just sticking with it and mtg up with fellow photographers and always try to find new ways to improve and learn as much as I can.

9. How do you manage work/life balance and find time to work on your craft?

Luckily right now I’m in the position to work my full time job early enough in the morning that when I get off, I still have a lot of time to go out & shoot for a bit.

10. Do you find yourself wanting to include others in your desire to grow as an artist? How would you like to collaborate with others?

(A) I do like to include others so I can get their feedback and help, as well as help them if/when they ask. (B) Wouldn’t mind starting off small by just going out and shoot together and see how we do with that & then talk about possibly doing some work together and see where it goes from there.

11. How do you define your personal success?

I think  lot of it has to do with encouragement from friends and family and then just putting your work out there and see what happens. For not doing this very long, I feel like I’ve come pretty far in the last year. So even though I still have a lot to learn, I feel like I’ve still been pretty successful.