Enjoy Photography Again
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One of the best things I did for my photography was to stop focusing so much on social media for my affirmation.

I think we all go through stages where we care or don’t care what others think of our work but ultimately we do seek affirmation in all that we do. But, when we place the affirmation of others before our own enjoyment of taking photos that’s when things go bad.

So, to keep are sights aligned on our own unique creativity and the sharing of how we see the world do the following:

  1. Fast from social media. You determine the frequency or length of time needed but take a break. Yes, your social profile is about you but while there we get caught up on what everyone else is doing and comparison kills gratitude.

  2. Photo journal. Create a gallery of images somewhere of photos you take with your iPhone or whatever camera you have with you. Don’t overthink it, just shoot whatever captures your attention. Enjoy not having to be a perfectionist when capturing an image.

  3. Build a website. Create your domain. A place where the content is only you; no one else’s. Where you are not bombarded with what others are doing or sharing. This is where you really can build your brand.

Comparison kills gratitude

Social media definitely has its place in our creative adventure and a good solid opinion about our work from a trusted source maybe at times what we need to hear but we still need to listen to what our heart tells us. What we feel in our gut.

When we have those feelings that’s when we need to raise the camera and shoot. Those snaps are how we see the world around us and shouldn’t be shelved because of what others may think.


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