Embrace Change
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How are you with change?

As a creative, we often don’t like change. Even though we act on impulse sometimes when we create and it looks and feels differently than the last time, it is usually within our comfort zone and when we are pushed or drawn to change how or what we do we often resist.

But change is what we need to grow and discover ourselves.

At the end of 2017, I resisted change when I was being pulled in a new direction creatively. The change included putting certain things of my business on hold and also giving up certain entities of it. 2018 started with so many unknowns and I was very uncomfortable with not only my decision but with not knowing my direction however, as I write this blog the change has resulted in so many positive things for me. In business and personally.

Through the change, I discovered more of who I am as an artist and I feel more than ever my direction is leading me to the most fulfilling journey I could be on creatively.

I encourage you to embrace change no matter how hard or difficult it may seem. It is during change that you grow and discover new things. The very things you just might need to uncover and reveal a new direction and to improve you as an artist.

Embrace change.

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