Embrace Being Uninspired

Embrace Being Uninspired

Being uninspired is not a topic we often want to discuss nor a feeling that we want to feel but it happens.

We don’t have desire to pick up the camera.

We don’t know what to write about.

We doubt if we are creative.

We don’t know what to create.

But, instead of fighting against the feeling and allowing the frustration from the fight push us mentally further from an open, creative mindset, why not embrace it? Let it be a part of your natural rhythm to create and look at the ebb and flow as an opportunity, not a negative.

Take time off, focus on something new and different, or create in ways that are outside your norm. Even the most successful people probably don’t keep the same pace all the time in their endeavors. Does an athlete go into every game with the same intensity and drive? Does a business leader lead their business with the same passion all hours everyday.

Most likely not so why do we hold ourselves to standards that are hard to maintain all the time? Could be that as a creative person our need to create something is so strong that without doing it we lose a part of our identity. Regardless, we don’t lose our identity and sometimes we need to get lost in something else so we can find more.

Create more.

I encourage you to be patient and when times of being uninspired come your way remember that you won’t lose anything it doesn’t make you any less of an awesome creator that you are.

Be great. Create.