Do You Hustle?

Does your actions match your words?

We all want something. Successful careers, material things, or to do what we love to do but does our actions match our words?

Do you hustle everyday to reach your goals? Do you take steps each and everyday to move YOU forward? Get closer to where you want to be.

Now, I get that just because we put in the hustle doesn’t guarantee success for all of us. There is reality that indicates that we all can’t be what we necessarily want to be or get out of life but we sure a can enjoy the process. There is so much more to enjoy and create ahead of us but we must put in the work.

So, what are the keys to hustling?

  1. Be vulnerable. To chase hard after your dreams you are going to have to be 100% YOU. Full transparency. Keep your emotions on the shelf as you face obstacles and the inner voice that will challenge you.

  2. Take risks. “No pain, no gain” There is a reason this quote has been heard so often. You have to step out of your comfort zone and push into areas of your creativity and goals like never before.

  3. Patience. This is critical. Your journey could take years… yes, years to manifest. In our world of instant gratification we often move onto something else before something has time to harvest. Don’t give up. Keep grinding and enjoy the process.

You see, the really great news is that what you are supposed to do is what you most want to do!
— Gary Barkalow

Your drive for what you want to do is something that you should have to turn off, not turn on. You already have the hustle in you.