DIY - Inexpensive Textured Table Top For A Prop

DIY projects are not only fun but help us be more creative in new ways.

Goal: Making a table top out of a metal utility shelf that has a textured look.

Items Used: Shelf, black chalkboard paint, medium gray paint, roller, sponge, washcloth

Cost: Black chalkboard paint & roller ($13), I already had all other items

Time: 30 minutes


  1. Paint one coat of black chalkboard paint on shelf, let dry

  2. Mix black chalkboard paint with a medium gray paint

  3. With sponge, apply black/gray mixture until desired look, let dry

  4. Apply black paint only with washcloth (bunched up into a ball) to lighten black/gray texture as needed.

I would love to hear what DIY projects you have done for photo props so please leave a comment below.