Act On Instinct
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Determine your rhythm and build from there.

We all have a natural born drive, pace, or rhythm that moves about our life no matter what we do. It’s what we are born with but that doesn’t mean we can’t change or improve it. First, we need to identify and accept it and then put a plan in place if we want to make changes.

So, how does any of what you just read have to do with photography or creating? Well, if you are an artist and spend time on social media you might fall prey to follow the rhythm of what others are doing. What others are saying you should do to become known, promote your brand, or build that community of followers.

This may dictate that you post often, need to be on all platforms, share something about yourself everyday, and on and on and on. It may become exhausting, frustrating and eventually leaving you depleted and uninspired.

Do what feels natural. Set your pace and stick to it.

This post is not about ‘not chasing after your dreams and digging deep towards your goals’ but if we build on our instinct first we have a better chance to succeed in the long-run. The beat of your rhythm will be uniquely you and will drive you much further than anyone else’s opinion of what you should do. Whatever it is, stay consistent, don’t waiver and don’t get comfortable.



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